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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Celebrity Style Part 3

With the rapid growth and popularity of fashion jewelry, achieving the Hollywood look for less has never been easier. Online fashion jewelry manufacturers, like Eternal Sparkles, help fashionistas look just as good as their favorite Hollywood celebrities- even without the Hollywood paycheck. With fashion jewelry you can do more than just look and admire. You … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: The Sarah Jessica Parker Look

Who doesn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker? Sarah Jessica Parker played the main character Carrie Bradshaw in the wildly popular and now television classic HBO series, Sex and the City. Writer and quintessential New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw was more than just a fictional character. She was an icon and her real life counterpart, actress SJP, also … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Advice: Wearing Bold Jewelry Without Overdoing It

When at a party or gathering, words aren’t necessary to show that you have arrived, as wearing big and bold fashion jewelry is more than enough to make heads turn in your direction. Big, bold, and bright jewelry speaks volumes about a woman’s confidence level, because not all women can pull off that particular look … Continue reading

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Fresh New Look with Fashion Jewelry

From break-ups to job losses, women go through a lot of emotional stress in life. Want to know one way to combat these temporary heartaches? A new look! While retail therapy works wonders for a woman’s soul, sometimes it is just not possible to go on a shopping spree due to budget constraints. Fortunately, changing … Continue reading

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Best Fashion Jewelry for your Face Shape

Almost everybody thinks that style and color are only things to consider when choosing fashion jewelry. Think again, ladies! Much like knowing which fashion jewelry compliments your skin tone to enhance your beauty, the same applies to matching fashion jewelry pieces with the shape of your face – pretty features are enhanced and possible flaws … Continue reading

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Best Fashion Jewelry for your Skin Tone

No matter how smashingly beautiful fashion jewelry can be, sometimes, it just doesn’t look right on you. While fashion jewelry is a one-size-fits-all thing, you still have to find the fashion jewelry that fits you best. How? Skin tone. Yes, ladies! Your skin tone is one of the biggest factors in determining which fashion jewelry … Continue reading

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Mixin’ and Matchin’ your outfit with your jewelry

No matter how expensive your fashion jewelry might be, there is still that possibility that if you wear it with the wrong outfit, it might altogether ruin your look. Looking fashionably fabulous need not be expensive. In the same way, an expensive piece of fashion jewelry does not guarantee an outfit’s success. Here are some … Continue reading