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Colorful Shades of Fashion Jewelry: Perfect for Spring

The Jewelry Information Center has recently released a report on what styles of jewelry are perfect for spring. As you all know, whether you a self-confessed fashion jewelry lover or not, spring calls for bold choices and vivid hues. Women often take this time to play around with fashion jewelry accessories that are otherwise considered … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Trends for Spring 2011

Seasons change and so does fashion. Professional jewelry designers are not the only ones who look forward to the challenge and excitement new seasons bring to their jewelry collection. With the arrival of new seasons, fashion jewelry lovers have the opportunity to reinvent a look, create a new one, or simply explore other styles in … Continue reading

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Spring is Here! Gear Up for Another Fashion Jewelry Sale!

Ladies, get ahead in the fashion scene and give your springtime wardrobe an additional oomph with our amazingly beautiful fashion jewelry pieces- all yours for 35% off their original prices! Say what?? The annual Pre-Spring Sale is here! Happening from MARCH 29 TO APRIL 5, 2010, all newly arrived fashion jewelry items are 35% … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Colors of Spring 2010

Spring’s colors are up and about! This season, make a colorful statement with your fashion jewelry. According to Pantone, the global authority in color for design industries, these are the colors for next season: Violet – exude a romantic vibe with this hue. Try amethyst or light amethyst CZ jewelry. Turquoise – let a feeling … Continue reading