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Fashion Jewelry Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Fashion jewelry is one of the best, if not the most romantic, gifts a woman can ever receive during Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if the person giving it is a lover, a partner, or a friend. A woman can never say no to fashion jewelry. Now that the month of hearts has officially arrived, … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Etiquette for Men

We know what you’re thinking. Men wear fashion jewelry sparingly as it is and yet there’s etiquette for it? Of course, there is! When it comes to fashion jewelry, even the smallest of details matter. And when it comes to men’s fashion jewelry, wearing it right makes all the difference. Men’s fashion jewelry is probably … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Fathers

We know what you’re thinking. Fashion jewelry and fathers?! It seems preposterous to even say these two things in one sentence. But come to think of it, there is no fashion rule exempting fathers from wearing fashion jewelry. Daddy, dad, pop, papa, father – whatever you call them, our fathers deserve to look just as … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Men’s rings

Gone are the days when fashion jewelry is just for the fashionably conscious gal. These days, more and more men are embracing the idea of fashion jewelry. And why not? Fashion jewelry is made to make its wearer feel better about the way they look—regardless of age, social status and even gender. These days, men … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry is Not Just for Ladies: A Lowdown on Men’s Fashion Rings

Fashion jewelry, something that used to be exclusive to the woman’s world, has crossed over to the other side. With the dawn of a new era in style, fashion jewelry is now a man’s thing too. The proof? Men’s fashion jewelry accounts for about 10% of jewelry sales in the US.  Contrary to traditional belief, … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Him: Ways to Surprise Your Man

Face it. We ladies love to pamper our men, but there are a lot of times that we are stumped over ways to surprise him. Fashion jewelry for him may be just the perfect solution. Sure, many men nowadays love to shop, but men’s fashion jewelry is never on their list. Listed below are ways … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Men

Generally, we think of women when we talk about fashion jewelry, but hold onto that thought. Oftentimes people overlook the fact that fashion jewelry is for men too! Men have now recognized that fashion jewelry is a symbol of style and class, as much as fast cars and the latest tech gadgets are. If you … Continue reading