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Matching Fashion Jewelry to Different Events

ES2406 Jewelry – Sterling Silver Clear CZ Bracelet We have different outfits, different pairs of shoes, and even different bags for different types of events. Of course, it should only seem proper to have different fashion jewelry for different various events we attend. Sometimes, in the haste of preparation for an event, we tend to … Continue reading

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Completing the Rocker Chick Look with Fashion Jewelry

ES2404 Jewelry – Sterling Silver Clear CZ Ring With their anything-goes attitude, rocker chicks give off that rebellious yet seductive, sexy vibe. While an outfit may get the rock look started, it is never complete without the right fashion jewelry accessories. You may have the clothes, shoes, hair and make-up down pat, but without fashion … Continue reading

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Mixin’ and Matchin’ your outfit with your jewelry

No matter how expensive your fashion jewelry might be, there is still that possibility that if you wear it with the wrong outfit, it might altogether ruin your look. Looking fashionably fabulous need not be expensive. In the same way, an expensive piece of fashion jewelry does not guarantee an outfit’s success. Here are some … Continue reading