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Runway Inspired: Turn Over a New Leaf

Start this new year by turning over a new leaf! From the runways of Milan to the catwalks of Paris, floral designs are definitely in bloom this season. Flirty and ultra-feminine, a touch of floral amps up any old outfit from last year. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to Spring floral trends and the perfect … Continue reading

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Sweetest Day!

Though it sounds like a day to be with your sweetie, Sweetest Day is a time to recognize anyone sweet and special to you. Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, Sweetest Day is intended to show that those important to you aren’t being forgotten. Don’t forget to celebrate the ones you love this Saturday … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for the Younger Set

Little children love to play dress up. They always put on mommy’s dresses, shoes, make-up, and fashion jewelry. As these little girls enter their pre-teen and teenage years, they develop a fixation for all things sparkly and stylish. Surely, wearing mommy’s fashion jewelry will make them seem out-of-date. ES2906 Jewelry – Sea Blue Premium Austrian … Continue reading