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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Celebrity Style Part 2

Hollywood is traditionally for high fashion. And we all know what high fashion means—high cost. For us mere mortals, spending thousands of hard earned dollars just so we can achieve that “Hollywood look” is not an option, it is a dream. Well, thanks to fashion jewelry, the dream is no longer just a dream, it … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Celebrity Style Part 3

With the rapid growth and popularity of fashion jewelry, achieving the Hollywood look for less has never been easier. Online fashion jewelry manufacturers, like Eternal Sparkles, help fashionistas look just as good as their favorite Hollywood celebrities- even without the Hollywood paycheck. With fashion jewelry you can do more than just look and admire. You … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy is one of the most special, most difficult, most wonderful, most anticipated and most extraordinary experiences that any woman can have. It is a period of great joy, excitement, anxiety, and even uncertainty. Most of all, it is a period of great change. During pregnancy, women undergo physical and emotional changes that make them … Continue reading

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Fashion jewelry fundamentals

ES8171 Jewelry – Floral Gray Pearl Fashion Jewelry Earrings Fashion trends come and go, but fashion jewelry fundamentals are forever. Sometimes, fashionistas fall into the trap of complacency. They wear the same fashion jewelry styles over and over because they know it works for them, never mind that it has become stale and boring. Others … Continue reading