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Say “I Love You” With Fashion Jewelry

The season of hearts is upon us and now, more than ever, we are more compelled to say and show our love for our special someone. Whether you are man or a woman looking for a simple yet resounding and affordable way to express your love to your partner, we recommend going the fashion jewelry … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Putting Together Your Bridesmaids’ Looks

Every bride needs her official posse during her big wedding day. This official posse is also known as the bridesmaids. These special women are the bride’s closest female loved ones and companions, and they need to look fashionable during the wedding as well. As the bride, you want your entourage to look “cohesive” on your … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Anniversaries

Anniversary gifts are always tricky, but thankfully, there are “designated” fashion jewelry gemstones for each specific month. A gift of fashion jewelry is always special because of the meaningful nature behind it. Each time the gift is worn, you are always remembered by that special someone. A gift of fashion jewelry is like a public … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Halloween

eprod_img_893 Jewelry- Flapper Inspired Pearl Earrings It’s Halloween time! Before Christmas, Halloween is definitely the big holiday everyone is gearing up for. And what’s a Halloween celebration without a Halloween party? Halloween parties are all about looking scary and fun at the same time. Now, if you’re a fashionista by heart, you know what this … Continue reading