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Fashion Jewelry Trends for Spring 2011

Seasons change and so does fashion. Professional jewelry designers are not the only ones who look forward to the challenge and excitement new seasons bring to their jewelry collection. With the arrival of new seasons, fashion jewelry lovers have the opportunity to reinvent a look, create a new one, or simply explore other styles in … Continue reading

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Unconventional and Stunning Fashion Jewelry

In the past, we were limited to traditional fashion jewelry that had the same look and the same tones, often meaning we were restricted to just silver or gold and a basic stone. But now-a-days, fashion jewelry has transformed into a wide range of different, stunning styles that break the old mold. In these fashion … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Men

Generally, we think of women when we talk about fashion jewelry, but hold onto that thought. Oftentimes people overlook the fact that fashion jewelry is for men too! Men have now recognized that fashion jewelry is a symbol of style and class, as much as fast cars and the latest tech gadgets are. If you … Continue reading