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Fashion Jewelry: Earrings for all Occasions

From stylish and stunning cubic zirconia studs to glamorous Swarovski chandelier earrings, we’ve discovered that earrings are one of the vital fashion jewelry accessories that can make or break your fashion statement. But don’t fret because we’ve got all the latest styles in earrings to please your fashion tastes. We’ve got the popular over-sized gold … Continue reading

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Unconventional and Stunning Fashion Jewelry

In the past, we were limited to traditional fashion jewelry that had the same look and the same tones, often meaning we were restricted to just silver or gold and a basic stone. But now-a-days, fashion jewelry has transformed into a wide range of different, stunning styles that break the old mold. In these fashion … Continue reading

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Gemstones and Their Healing Properties, part 2

Welcome to the second installment of “Gemstones and their Healing Properties.” Fabulous fashion jewelry is more than just making women look amazing. Some of these beautifully colored gemstones actually carry a lot of healing properties. If you missed the first part, please click here. Smokey Quartz This brownish fashion jewelry gemstone can overcome depression and … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for those Glamourous Nights out

When it’s time to dress glamorous and alluring for those fancy nights out, you can’t do so without beautiful fashion jewelry. We offer the best deals in beautiful and extravagant fashion jewelry for much less than retailers. Whether you’re heading out to a wedding, prom, formal banquet or anything of the like, you can be … Continue reading

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Fresh and Fun Fashion Jewelry Rings

Raise your hand if you’re tired of seeing the same styles and trends of fashion jewelry rings at countless jewelry stores! My hand is definitely up because I feel as if there aren’t enough fresh and fun fashion jewelry ring retailers out there. Luckily, Eternal Sparkles is here to come to your rescue. We believe … Continue reading

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Timeless and Classic Fashion Jewelry

When it comes to the world of fashion jewelry, there is always going to be a new trend and it’s our duty to showcase what you can do with them! Without a doubt, there are people who are going to dive straight into the newest trends and boldest designs in fashion jewelry. But, let’s not … Continue reading

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Simple but Cute Fashion Jewelry

Every now and then, we try to enjoy the simpler things in life. With that said, here at Eternal Sparkles, we make sure you enjoy a wide variety of simple but beautiful fashion jewelry for those moments. Now, I know that not all women like all their fashion jewelry to be flashy and bold. There … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry: The Better Alternative for You

Many of you may be scratching your heads and wondering how we can offer fashion jewelry with the same look and value of diamonds but without the big price tags! This is because most of our fashion jewelry is made from cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver and gold tone—all of which are more affordable … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Men

Generally, we think of women when we talk about fashion jewelry, but hold onto that thought. Oftentimes people overlook the fact that fashion jewelry is for men too! Men have now recognized that fashion jewelry is a symbol of style and class, as much as fast cars and the latest tech gadgets are. If you … Continue reading