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Runway Inspired: Turn Over a New Leaf

Start this new year by turning over a new leaf! From the runways of Milan to the catwalks of Paris, floral designs are definitely in bloom this season. Flirty and ultra-feminine, a touch of floral amps up any old outfit from last year. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to Spring floral trends and the perfect … Continue reading

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Runway Inspired: Pre-Fall 2012

It’s that weird time of the year again–pre-fall. Pre-fall is the inter-seasonal collection that takes place every year when it’s definitely not time for Spring but not quite time for Winter either. With all these fashion houses releasing new collections, we have narrowed it down to our favorite picks and found their perfect budget-friendly counterparts. … Continue reading

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Mastering the Classics

Everyone has heard the saying “accessories make an outfit,” and there’s good reasoning behind it. You know that dissatisfied feeling when you look into the mirror and you just feel like there is something missing? Well that “something” is probably an accessory. Accessories are those small details that just help tie everything together and can … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Celebrity Style Part 2

Hollywood is traditionally for high fashion. And we all know what high fashion means—high cost. For us mere mortals, spending thousands of hard earned dollars just so we can achieve that “Hollywood look” is not an option, it is a dream. Well, thanks to fashion jewelry, the dream is no longer just a dream, it … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Celebrity Style Part 3

With the rapid growth and popularity of fashion jewelry, achieving the Hollywood look for less has never been easier. Online fashion jewelry manufacturers, like Eternal Sparkles, help fashionistas look just as good as their favorite Hollywood celebrities- even without the Hollywood paycheck. With fashion jewelry you can do more than just look and admire. You … Continue reading

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Stunning Cubic Zirconia Bracelets Fashion Jewelry

Special occasions such as weddings, dances, and dinner formals call for an exceptional degree of elegance not only in our dresses and gowns, but also in our fashion jewelry. For that extra style and flair, no piece more exquisitely adds that glamour to your special event than our stunning cubic zirconia fashion jewelry bracelets. With … Continue reading

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Buckle Up in Glamourous Belt-inspired Fashion Jewelry

**As a token of appreciation to all of our loyal blog subscribers, we are giving away a $10 Eternal Sparkles coupon to the first five valid comments made to the blog post today. It’s our way of saying thank you. We truly appreciate your continued readership and support for our fashion jewelry blog. (1 per … Continue reading

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Think Pink Fashion Jewelry

  Without a doubt, the color Pink is undoubtedly a defining color when it comes to the world of fashion jewelry. Pink, in its entire palette of different shades, is the color that exemplifies femininity, beauty and delicacy. With our wide collection of glamorous pink gemstones and cubic zirconia fashion jewelry, we are sure that … Continue reading

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Shine with Stars and Hearts Fashion Jewelry

It’s always enjoyable to wear beautifully shaped fashion jewelry, and I can’t think of two better shapes than stars and hearts. Take a look around almost anywhere and you’ll notice that star and heart-shaped fashion jewelry is a big favorite among jewelry lovers. The reason for this is because star-shaped fashion jewelry brings out the … Continue reading

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Flower Power Fashion Jewelry Rings

Gorgeous flower rings have been and continue to be fresh and quirky assets to beautiful fashion jewelry today. The “Flower Power” look is very popular among young women and the young at heart. This is because flower rings have a “fresh picked” look and a happy and carefree association to them. Flower rings can add … Continue reading