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Fall 2010 Fashion Jewelry Trends

The fall season has arrived, ladies and gentlemen. Aside from updating your wardrobe to accommodate this season’s hottest new trends, it is also time to visit your favorite fashion jewelry manufacturer for this season’s top fashion jewelry pieces. This season, big and bold fashion jewelry is in and earth tones will dominate the scene. Here … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Wedding Jewelry

For a woman, the wedding day is probably the biggest and most stressful day in their life. With so many preparations to be done and changes to adjust to, it’s not uncommon for most women to forget about one major preparation for that special day—their fashion jewelry. Wearing fashion jewelry for weddings has long been … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Focus: The Sarah Jessica Parker Look

Who doesn’t know Sarah Jessica Parker? Sarah Jessica Parker played the main character Carrie Bradshaw in the wildly popular and now television classic HBO series, Sex and the City. Writer and quintessential New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw was more than just a fictional character. She was an icon and her real life counterpart, actress SJP, also … Continue reading

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Three reasons why we love fashion jewelry

For most women, it’s love at first sight when it comes to fashion jewelry. And why not? Fashion jewelry embodies everything that a woman wants when it comes to accessories – fashionable, durable and affordable. Why do we love thee, beloved fashion jewelry? Let us count the ways. ES8170 Jewelry – Clear Cocktail CZ Fashion … Continue reading