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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Citrine

Ladies, and even gents, born in the month of November have two birthstones to choose from—citrine and yellow topaz. For this edition of Fashion Jewelry Focus, we will be talking aboutcitrine. It is said that citrine is the sister birthstone of amethyst. Its warm color makes citrine fashion jewelry a perfect symbolic gift of hope … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Spotlight: November’s Birthstone Citrine

 For all the lovely ladies that were born in the month of November, the birthstone for this month is beautiful Citrine. This birthstone is a form of the quartz gemstone and it has a beautiful color spectrum ranging from canary, yellow, yellow-brown to reddish-brown, dark orange-brown and orange. One of the great things about Citrine … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry: Shop by Your Birthstone

Do you have a friend or family member’s birthday coming up? Maybe even your own? Have you thought about giving fashion jewelry as a gift, but want pieces that have a lot of meaning behind them? If so, you’re in the right spot because our fashion jewelry collection has a wide variety of birthstones that … Continue reading