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Do’s and Don’ts in Wearing Hoop Earrings

While hoop earrings are stylish and definitely fit for a lot of outfits, there are times when you should and you shouldn’t wear them. Hoop earrings are fashion jewelry, made into the shape of a circle that you’ll insert into the holes of your ears. Many times, these hoops are larger than the wearer’s ears and they can be quite heavy.

Surely, you’ll enjoy owning one of these pretty pieces. However, before you start wearing it every day, remember that there are specific rules and times when hoops are good and no-good for you and your fashion style.

When to wear hoop earrings?

Fashion Jewelry

  1. When wearing tube tops and dresses

Tube dresses are those that only go up to the chest. Tubes have no straps so your upper chest and neck will be bare – the perfect time for you to accentuate your neck. Wearing hoops will allow you to emphasize the length of your neck. Just make sure that you don’t wear any necklaces or anything or it will immediately overshadow your earrings. Hoops will also make good accessories, especially if you’re getting ready for a formal event.

  1. 2.       When wearing plain shirts or v-necks

If you want to spice up a boring or plain outfit, wear hoops to add a little extra something. Hoops are extremely sophisticated and elegant to look at, so when you partner it with something plain, it can easily up your look a few notches. As a result, you end up looking sophisticated and elegant, without having to put too much effort.

  1. When wearing turtlenecks

Blake Lively's fashion jewelry

While this is the total opposite of a tube top because it covers up everything, it also gives onlookers a chance to appreciate your hoops. Just make sure that you are wearing plain turtlenecks so all attention will be put onto your face and your hoop earrings. Also tie your hair back to add drama to your look, take it from Blake Lively, it makes you look even sexier with your hair back.

When should you NOT wear hoop earrings?

  1. When wearing jackets

The problem with jackets is that they are meant to cover you up. If you’ll be wearing jackets, what’s the point of wearing hoop earrings? Not only that, if you’re wearing oversized jackets, you’ll end up endangering yourself to pulling on the earrings by accident. And that will hurt.

  1. While dancing or doing extraneous events

Events like dancing and sports cannot handle the weight of hoops. While you think you can, don’t forget that you have to be light and free during these kinds of events. Having huge circles over your ears is not going to help. Besides, you wouldn’t want to accidentally pull out the hoops, right? That won’t be pretty, either.

Hoops are really nice to have and wear for once in awhile, even if most pairs are quite heavy to wear around for many hours. But, just in case, make sure to have at least one pair in your closet for special occasions.

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