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Celebrity-Inspired Floral Fashion Jewelry for Spring

The spring season calls for floral, colorful, and vibrant trends and fashion jewelry is no exception. Floral fashion jewelry is huge once spring sets in but the truth is, it’s actually a best-seller all year round. Fashion jewelry with floral embellishments and centerpieces are very feminine and it adds a touch of glam and style that no other design can bring. Celebrities have been known to wear floral jewelry during red carpet events and just to be like them, women will go through odds and ends in search for the perfect floral fashion jewelry.

Here are some of the most fashionable choices that you can shop for when it comes to floral fashion jewelry.

This Sterling Silver Multi-Color Ring is inspired by Supermodel Heidi Klum when she wore it during the 2nd Annual AMFAR Inspiration Gala at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Perfect for her bubbly personality, this multicolor cocktail ring is gold-plated and features multicolor cubic zirconia stones that form a gorgeous floral centerpiece. It’s playful, risky, and edgy – just the right fashion jewelry for the trend-setting fashionista. Price: $94.99

Another gold-plated floral fashion jewelry is the Pearl Floral Gold Ring inspired by Gossip Girl hottie Blake Lively. Known for her sexy and sultry fashion choices, Blake Lively is Hollywood’s latest “It Girl”. Any fashion jewelry lover will certainly do anything to look the slightest bit like Blake and this cocktail ring is the perfect choice. As if the elegant gold-plated floral centerpiece is not enough, an elegant pearl also sits at the center of the flower accented with several Austrian crystals. Get Blake’s look for less for only $53.99.

Finally, who doesn’t know Kim Kardashian? Nevermind that her marriage with Kris Humphries only lasted for 70-something days. Her fashion choices are always attention-grabbing and this bling is certainly no exception. Kim always wears designer jewelry and no one among us can ever afford the accessories she wears. So what’s a girl to do? Opt for the next best thing – fashion jewelry! This Gold Plated White Epoxy Dome Ring costs a fraction of the original price, available for only $17.99. Wearable during the day AND night, you can never go wrong with this fashion jewelry piece.

Spring is already here and the best thing you can do is update your fashion jewelry accessories. Shop at now to find the most affordable deals on fashion jewelry.

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