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Mastering the Classics

Everyone has heard the saying “accessories make an outfit,” and there’s good reasoning behind it. You know that dissatisfied feeling when you look into the mirror and you just feel like there is something missing? Well that “something” is probably an accessory. Accessories are those small details that just help tie everything together and can make an outfit just that– an outfit.

Here are the three classic pieces of jewelry that every woman should own and some ways to wear it:
  1. Chandelier earrings:

    Complete the look with a
    – tailored blazer
    – snug-fitting jewel-neck top
    – slinky party top
    – sleeveless dress, just look at Beyonce!

  2. Pendant necklaces:

    Wear it with a:
    – boyfriend sweater
    – chunky cardigan
    – shirtdress
    – maxi dress
    – turtleneck

  3. Pearl necklaces:

    Pair it with a:
    – motorcycle jacket
    – boyfriend sweater
    – silk blouse
    – button-down shirt
    – strapless dress

    ES10236 Silver Tone Pearl Bridal Necklace

With these three classic pieces in your closet, you can instantly complete any outfit and turn it into an effortlessly put together look. To shop more timeless jewelry, check out Eternal Sparkles and be sure to “LIKE” us on Facebook for the latest updates on new arrivals, contests, and giveaways!

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