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Mastering the Classics

Everyone has heard the saying “accessories make an outfit,” and there’s good reasoning behind it. You know that dissatisfied feeling when you look into the mirror and you just feel like there is something missing? Well that “something” is probably an accessory. Accessories are those small details that just help tie everything together and can … Continue reading

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Extra Tips When Wearing Extravagant Fashion Jewelry

Wearing flamboyant fashion jewelry pieces is, without a doubt, fun and tempting. Every now and then, you get a palpable urge to wear something outrageous and out-of-the-box, like a fashion jewelry ring with a flower centerpiece or a pair of fashion jewelry earrings that have outrageously large hoops. Of course, wearing gaudy fashion jewelry pieces … Continue reading

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Runway Inspired: Animal Prints

From the House of Holland’s roaring leopard prints to the bold monkeys at Prada, fashion week has seen more than just cats walk down their runways. This year, designers are no longer being subtle with their animal prints. Instead, they are brazenly incorporating them into head-to-toe looks like this leopard fringe dress at Michael Kors … Continue reading