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Finishing Your Look With The Right Fashion Jewelry

Have you ever looked at the mirror and felt that something was missing from your look? Well, if you are not wearing any piece of fashion jewelry, then something is really missing from your look. Whether it’s a simple bracelet or even just a small gold or silver fashion jewelry ring on your finger, fashion jewelry transforms your look from good to glam.

Putting on a piece of fashion jewelry is easy but it can be tricky because it can make or break your look. Here are a few tips to make sure you finish off your look the right way with the right fashion jewelry.
1. Remember the golden rule for bracelets: you only wear it on one arm, regardless of how many you intend to wear. The type of bracelet you wear depends on the overall look you wish to achieve. For example, in the office, a simple and elegant diamond or metal bracelet will do the trick. For a night out with the girls, a metal cuff bracelet will glam up an edgy look.
2. Sometimes, when you don’t feel like putting on a complete set of fashion jewelry, the right pair of earrings will do. One way to categorize it is by grouping your earrings into drop, hoop or studs. Drop earrings are ideal for formal wear such as gowns, formal dresses or a fancy blouse. Hoop fashion jewelry earrings are for informal events and outfits but may also be worn sparingly on a daily basis. Stud fashion jewelry earrings are for daily, casual wear.
3. For necklaces, the decision is mostly based on the neckline of your top or dress. As a general guideline, drop necklaces are ideal with V-neck or scoop neck tops while a choker necklace is better for strapless tops or dresses. Charm or gem fashion jewelry necklaces may be worn for both formal and informal outfits.

These tips are just guidelines but the most important fashion jewelry tip is to always remember that less is more. Let your fashion jewelry pieces, and your outfit, shine by not wearing bright and flamboyant pieces all together at once. Remember, simplicity is beauty.

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