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Ace Job Interviews with the Appropriate Fashion Jewelry Accessories

First impressions last and this is certainly what hopeful applicants keep in mind when choosing the right fashion jewelry accessories for job interviews. To have that professional finish, applicants should choose fashion jewelry that will make them look smart and neat. While employees deem attitude and aptitude as the most important determining factors when hiring successful candidates, they also look for applicants who they think can effectively fit in the corporate world. To create a notable first impression, here are some ideas to help you when it comes to accessorizing your suit with fashion jewelry.

As a general note, it is always best to keep fashion jewelry simple and neat. Flashy and ostentatious fashion jewelry such as beaded necklaces or striking cocktail rings are best worn with friends during an evening in the town. Don’t wear them on life-changing situations such as job interviews. Accessorizing with extravagant fashion jewelry will put you in a negative light with your potential bosses. Keeping it simple is the best way to go, though it should be noted that your accessories should neither look cheap nor pretentious.

The perfect fashion jewelry for a job interview is pearl jewelry. Why? Simply because pearls automatically translate to class and professionalism in a corporate setting. At its best style, pearl jewelry can convey simplicity and elegance. Be cautious, however, as there are pearl jewelry pieces that are too ornate and may make you look superior or prissy, both of which are not good first impressions.

Rings can be worn during job interviews but stick to the solitaire-type cubic zirconia rings because they are simple in style and certainly not distracting. You want your interviewer to look at you and not at the fashion jewelry your wearing. Commitment rings are acceptable as they are normally made in sterling silver or gold. Steer clear from rings manufactured from plastic or rubber and embellished with distracting ornaments.

Bracelets are perfect compliments to rings or pearl jewelry. Bulky bracelets should be left at home and stick with chain bracelets or charm bracelets. They don’t make much noise and will help attention to be focused on you and what you have to say. Bangles can also be worn on job interviews as long as they don’t look cheap or flashy. The perfect bracelet accessories though, are tennis bracelets. They’re elegant, sophisticated, and say a lot about your overall appearance.

When it comes to earrings, stud earrings are perfect for job interviews. Simple, petite, and elegant, stud earrings bring focus to yourself, especially your face. Choose from the different CZ cuts available – round, heart, princess, oval, pear, marquise, and radiant. Chandelier and dangle earrings are best to wear on formal evening events while hoop earrings are perfect for painting the town red so avoid using these fashion jewelry accessories.

As with all kinds of fashion jewelry, less is always more. Fashion jewelry is not a necessity on job interviews but it definitely helps in creating a (hopefully positive) first impression. The most important tip: Keep your fashion jewelry simple to help you and your qualifications shine on that day.

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