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Plus-Sized Women Can Accessorize with Fashion Jewelry, Too!

Many fashion jewelry accessories are not manufactured specifically for plus-sized women. This is evident with many fashion jewelry that feature unadjustable sizes as they are made with standard sizes. Plus-sized women need not fear any more as there are certain fashion jewelry items they can invest in and accessorize with. Here are a few ideas.

As a general rule, plus-sized women should purchase adjustable fashion jewelry. They may not be the standard in the fashion jewelry world but these items do exist. The ability to adjust fashion jewelry to several degrees will definitely go a long way. Stay away from rare fashion jewelry as these items are usually unable to increase their lengths. Should you find fashion jewelry items whose length can be adjusted, bring them to jewelry shops so that professional jewelry makers may adjust them for you.

Necklaces for plus-sized women should be long and V-shaped to elongate rounder faces, making them look slimmer. Lariat, beaded, multi-stranded necklaces, and drop pendants are plus-sized women’s choice of style when it comes to necklaces. Additionally, necklaces that have long chains up to thirty-two inches are more suitable for plus-sized women. On the other hand, avoid choker style necklaces especially those embellished with minute details and charms.

For women who are plus-sized, the wrists can be one of the slenderest parts of the body and should therefore not be covered, if possible. Rather, bracelets are gorgeous fashion jewelry accessories for the wrists, and the best styles for plus-sized women are cuffs, stretch, and tennis bracelets for a more slimming appearance. Bracelets are also fashion jewelry accessories that accommodate for plus sizes and are suitable for plus-sized women because some pieces can be extended up to eleven inches.

Plus-sized women should accessories with dangle earrings to elongate the face. Lengthy hoops are also ideal to achieve a slimming look. Choose simple yet understatedly elegant earrings to provide a fuller appearance. Rings, on the other hand, won’t be difficult to shop for as many jewelry stores offer rings in a variety of sizes. Whether it’s wedding, engagement, eternity, or cocktail ring you are looking for, you are most likely to find one in your size.

At, fashion jewelry is available in a multitude of styles and looks. Choose a look that is perfect for you and let help you get that look.

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