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Plus-Sized Women Can Accessorize with Fashion Jewelry, Too!

Many fashion jewelry accessories are not manufactured specifically for plus-sized women. This is evident with many fashion jewelry that feature unadjustable sizes as they are made with standard sizes. Plus-sized women need not fear any more as there are certain fashion jewelry items they can invest in and accessorize with. Here are a few ideas. … Continue reading

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Organizing and Storing Fashion Jewelry

While fashion jewelry are inexpensive accessories that can easily be purchased, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cared for. As with anything we own and care for, we want to make sure that all our treasured belongings (including fashion jewelry) maximize their lifespans. Here are a few ideas on how to properly organize … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2011

Fashion jewelry this year has focused on classic and elegant fashion jewelry pieces. From glamorous rhinestone earrings to mother-of-pearl dangle earrings, trends this year have also emphasized vintage embellishments like ribbon details while setting aside boho beads and plastic materials. Perfect for this winter season’s ladylike clothing, keeping everything simple and pretty is the ultimate … Continue reading

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How a Fashionista Builds Her Fashion Jewelry Wardrobe

All fashion lovers out there know that fashion jewelry is essential for that perfect finish. Accessorizing is not just searching for the right fashion jewelry pieces, it also includes building a fashion jewelry wardrobe of the best fashion jewelry items to help achieve that fabulous look. To set up your own fashion jewelry wardrobe, here … Continue reading

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Shopping for Fashion Jewelry at Online Auction Sites (Part II)

ES10026 Jewelry- Silver Multi-Color Pearl Ring A few weeks ago we gave you tips on how to shop for fashion jewelry at auction sites. Consumers have discovered that the Internet is not exclusively for educational and entertainment purposes, but it has also become a fashion heaven for shoppers. Practicing a few tips to ensure safety … Continue reading

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Accessorizing with Fashion Jewelry Brooches

Once considered as a mainstay for any wardrobe, fashion jewelry brooches now come and go as with any fashion jewelry trend. Brooches can be used to accessorize either one’s hair or clothes, which is why these hot fashion jewelry pieces are also regarded as one of the most versatile fashion jewelry. Here are some of … Continue reading

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Keeping Fashion Jewelry Safe for Traveling

ES9006 Jewelry – Love on Fire CZ Ring The holidays are the perfect time vacation with family and friends. Women look forward to accessorizing with the best fashion jewelry when going trips out of town so one of their packing essentials is fashion jewelry. So to make sure you arrive to your dream destination with … Continue reading