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Fashion Jewelry Focus: The Job Interview Look

Like first dates, job interviews can be tricky events. We only get one chance at impressing the HR representative and no matter how intelligent, responsible, and highly deserving you are, the first thing that they will notice is your physical appearance and they will judge what they see. You do not need to look like a beauty queen for your job interview but you do need to look neat and presentable. You have to wear appropriate clothes, usually business or business casual, shoes, and of cour

se, fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is like icing on top a cake, it is meant to complete the look, highlight your features, and complement your style. However, you have to wear it right or it can become a sore thumb that will stick out and ruin your entire look.

Getting ready for your big interview? Here are some fashion jewelry tips to help you win that job:

1. For men, the choices are easier. Their fashion jewelry choices are limited to a ring and/or cuff links. All other types of fashion jewelry pieces are considered excessive. Save them for other occasions.

2. For women, avoid big, bold, chunky, and colorful fashion jewelry items. As a general rule of thumb, anything that distracts focus and attention from you and what you are saying should not be worn on your job interview. Stick to stud earrings or pearls. Choose neutral colors. A ring and a pair of dainty earrings will do. If you want to wear a bracelet and a necklace, make sure they are coordinated with your outfit and your other fashion jewelry pieces.

3. Wear a bracelet, not a bangle. Wear a simple sterling silver ring, not a cocktail ring. You might need to look over some documents, shake someone’s hand, and use your hands to help you express yourself better and you do not want your fashion jewelry to get in the way of it.

Always remember, fashion jewelry is the accessory and you should be the one to stand out during the job interview. Good luck!

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