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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Citrine

Ladies, and even gents, born in the month of November have two birthstones to choose from—citrine and yellow topaz. For this edition of Fashion Jewelry Focus, we will be talking aboutcitrine. It is said that citrine is the sister birthstone of amethyst. Its warm color makes citrine fashion jewelry a perfect symbolic gift of hope and strength. The sunny vibe and comfortingbrightness of citrine is an ideal pick-me-up for anyone going through a tough time. Additionally,a gift of citrine fashion jewelry is also a gift of prosperity and protection from negativity. Ithas also been said that citrine possesses medical properties. Aside from being a great gift idea forNovember birthday celebrators, citrine fashion jewelry may also be given as a gift to couples celebrating their thirteenth year of marital bliss. In the old days, it is also said that this gemstone was used as a remedy for urinary and kidney ailments, stomach problems, and even snake venom.

Cleaning your citrine fashion jewelry pieces is a very simple process. Soak your accessories inwarm water with a mild detergent cleaner and gently scrub with a toothbrush. You may then wipe it with a jewelry cloth afterwards or simply let it air dry.

Citrine, b

ecause of its warm color, is one of the more versatile gemstones. Like gold, it can beworn for formal events, but unlike gold, citrine fashion jewelry is also appropriate for casual anddress down occasions. Citrine fashion jewelry pieces are especially ideal for the fall and summer seasons. Look like a winner in citrine this fall season where earthy and warm colored fashion jewelry is in. The radiant gem is an instant “brightening” fix for any outfit, so any fashionista worth her salt should always have a pair of citrine earrings, bracelet, ring or brooch in their fashion jewelry collection.

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