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Fashion Jewelry for Halloween

It’s Halloween time! Before Christmas, Halloween is definitely the big holiday everyone is gearing up for. And what’s a Halloween celebration without a Halloween party? Halloween parties are all about looking scary and fun at the same time. Now, if you’re a fashionista by heart, you know what this means—it’s dress up time! Looking scary does not necessarily mean throwing all your fashion sense out the window. You can still achieve that Halloween look with the help of fashion jewelry.

This Halloween season, Eternal Sparkles unveils a special fashion jewelry collection to help you dress the part and look good at the same time.

1. Jewelry Flapper Inspired Earrings. This piece of fashion jewelry is inspired by the 1920s flapper style—truly a timeless piece. It features synthetic pearl and multi-color cubic zirconia stones set in silver plate.

2. Topaz Premium Austrian Crystal Pendant. This captivating work of art is made from round cut crystallized Swarovski elements in topaz, presented in an elegant rhodium plated finish. Perfect for looking chic during Halloween.

3. Marquise Champagne Cubic Zirconia Ring. Add a dramatic and elegant flair to your Halloween costume with this exquisite Roxette marquise-cut cubic zirconia stone nestled between two interwoven ends of a stylish rhodium band. This piece of fashion jewelry will surely make you stand out.

4. Siam Agate Sterling Silver Cocktail Ring. This Halloween, captivate with this round shaped semi precious Siam gemstone in red. This striking fashion jewelry item is set in high quality sterling silver 925.

5. Black Band Cocktail CZ Ring. Black is always in, especially this Halloween. Wear this glittering black cubic zirconia stone in rhodium and ruthenium plated band as a fashionable finish to an all black ensemble.

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