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Fashion Jewelry Focus: Wedding Jewelry

For a woman, the wedding day is probably the biggest and most stressful day in their life. With so many preparations to be done and changes to adjust to, it’s not uncommon for most women to forget about one major preparation for that special day—their fashion jewelry. Wearing fashion jewelry for weddings has long been a trend because it is economically practical, without having to sacrifice beauty and quality. But with so many pre-wedding preparations to take care of, there is always the danger of brides forgetting some basic fashion jewelry tips, at the risk of looking fashionably amiss on their big day.

If you are would-be bride gearing up to say your “I do”, here are some stress-free fashion jewelry tips to remember.

1. As the bride, you want the attention of your guests on you, not on your accessories. So keep your fashion jewelry simple and elegant. Unless your wedding has a theme that requires you to wear extravagant fashion jewelry pieces, stick to the classics—pearls, gold and even cubic zirconia.

2. As much as possible, keep your right hand free of any fashion jewelry. You do not want your future husband to accidentally grab the wrong hand during the exchange of vows out of confusion.

3. On your left hand, of course, there should ONLY be the engagement ring. And no bracelets, please. Always remember that on your wedding day, simplicity in fashion jewelry is key.

4. Wearing a necklace is optional but if you must, or you absolutely want to, be sure to choose something delicate. Pearl necklaces are a wedding day favorite. You can also opt for a necklace in sterling silver or maybe even gold.

5. Do not let your groom wear fashion jewelry. If he’s into bracelets, rings or even earrings, make sure he’s free of any accessories on your big day.

Thankfully, brides-to-be can look forward to stress-free accessorizing with online fashion jewelry manufacturers like Make sure it’s on your list of essential wedding preparations.

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