Austrian crystal necklace / CZ cocktail ring / CZ necklace / fashion jewelry / sterling silver bracelet

School-friendly fashion jewelry

Although schools are not as strict as they used to be when it comes to students’ fashion jewelry, there are still limits and guidelines to follow. Unfortunately, these rules can oftentimes make indulging in fashion jewelry preferences a challenge when getting ready for class.

Here are some school-friendly fashion jewelry tips for young and budding fashionistas who can’t resist wearing some bling to homeroom.

  1. Sterling silver bracelet – You can never go wrong with this piece of fashion jewelry. It’s simple, it’s hip and it’s flexible. You can wear it when you dress down or show it off on presentation days when you need something more formal and professional. Best of all, sterling silver bracelets are cheap so they definitely won’t break your student budget.
  2. CZ cocktail ring – Everything about a CZ cocktail ring says fun and fashionable—qualities of a young person like you. Because these rings are affordable, you can buy a variety of styles and wear a different one every day of the week. This piece of fashion jewelry will make mixin’ and matchin’ a cinch.
  3. Austrian crystal necklace and CZ necklace – Both of these necklaces have two things in common, they’re affordable and fashionably simple. While still in school, you want to remain fashionably updated yet not ostentatious, so these two fashion jewelry necklaces can help you pull off the right look.

Are you researching fashion jewelry for the next day of school? Log on to and ace your look with high-quality and trendy fashion jewelry pieces and collections from Eternal Sparkles.

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