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Fashion Jewelry for the Golden Ladies

Fashion jewelry for older women doesn’t necessarily have to equate to large clip-on earrings and oversized brooches. Your biological clock doesn’t necessarily have to prevent you from being a fashion forward woman of today. Just because a lady might be approaching her golden years doesn’t mean that she has to look like a frumpy granny. … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry is Not Just for Ladies: A Lowdown on Men’s Fashion Rings

Fashion jewelry, something that used to be exclusive to the woman’s world, has crossed over to the other side. With the dawn of a new era in style, fashion jewelry is now a man’s thing too. The proof? Men’s fashion jewelry accounts for about 10% of jewelry sales in the US.  Contrary to traditional belief, … Continue reading

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Best Fashion Jewelry for your Face Shape

Almost everybody thinks that style and color are only things to consider when choosing fashion jewelry. Think again, ladies! Much like knowing which fashion jewelry compliments your skin tone to enhance your beauty, the same applies to matching fashion jewelry pieces with the shape of your face – pretty features are enhanced and possible flaws … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry for Him: Ways to Surprise Your Man

Face it. We ladies love to pamper our men, but there are a lot of times that we are stumped over ways to surprise him. Fashion jewelry for him may be just the perfect solution. Sure, many men nowadays love to shop, but men’s fashion jewelry is never on their list. Listed below are ways … Continue reading

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Wearing Fashion Jewelry Creatively

Who ever said that fashion jewelry should only be worn the proper way? That necklaces and pendants are only for the neck, brooches are only for dresses or jackets, and cocktail rings are only for the fingers? Be a woman of fashion and break free from tradition, because real fashion knows no bounds! Get your … Continue reading