Must-have fashion jewelry for January: Garnet

Ladies and gents born in the maiden month of January are linked to the birthstone garnet. Considered the protective gem for travellers, the name garnet comes from the Latin words granatum malum which, when translated to English, means pomegranate. Unsurprisingly, garnets resemble the fruit’s seeds in size and its potent red hue. Historically, garnets have … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Colors of Spring 2010

Spring’s colors are up and about! This season, make a colorful statement with your fashion jewelry. According to Pantone, the global authority in color for design industries, these are the colors for next season: Violet – exude a romantic vibe with this hue. Try amethyst or light amethyst CZ jewelry. Turquoise – let a feeling … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Color of the Year: Turquoise

It’s time to kiss last year’s fashion goodbye and start 2010 with a bang by wearing the right fashion jewelry that will defy seasonal trends. Just before 2009 came to a close, Pantone, the global authority on color for design industries, announced Turquoise, an alluring, luminous hue, as the color of the year for 2010. … Continue reading

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Love is in the Air with our Valentine Fashion Jewelry Sale

As the day of hearts draws near, three people begin to fall into one of three distinct categories: A man is in a manic frenzy, wanting to show his appreciation for the woman he loves through the only way he knows how – an exquisite piece of fashion jewelry perfectly packaged in a beautiful box. … Continue reading

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Shop the Exclusive Fashion Jewelry

If you’re into stunning fashion jewelry pieces that are one of a kind, then look no further than Eternal Sparkles. Here at Eternal Sparkles, not only do we have a selection that reflects all the latest trends in fashion jewelry, we also have exclusive pieces that you won’t find elsewhere! These exclusive priceless fashion jewelry … Continue reading

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Stunning Cubic Zirconia Bracelets Fashion Jewelry

Special occasions such as weddings, dances, and dinner formals call for an exceptional degree of elegance not only in our dresses and gowns, but also in our fashion jewelry. For that extra style and flair, no piece more exquisitely adds that glamour to your special event than our stunning cubic zirconia fashion jewelry bracelets. With … Continue reading