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Top Bracelet Styles for Fashion Jewelry Lovers

Bracelets are the perfect adornment for one’s wrist. Designed for men and women, bracelets are fashion jewelry worn around the wrists, ankles, and even the arms. They could be made from a whole lot of different materials – gold, white gold, leather, gemstones, and even metal. Here are the most popular styles of bracelets for all fashion jewelry lovers.

  • Tennis bracelets are one of the most popular fashion jewelry bracelets. The tennis bracelet started with Chris Evert, a tennis player who regularly sports a thin chain of diamonds around her wrist. She stopped the game to pick up her tennis bracelet that snapped during an intense match. This sparked a whole new trend in fashion jewelry bracelets – the most style which is the straight-line bracelet. Tennis bracelets feature diamond or cubic zirconia stones in matching sizes that are lined to encircle the wrist. Fashion jewelry bracelet lovers can choose from different designs such as those with gemstones or antique-inspired tennis bracelets.

  • Bangles are circular or oval bracelets that slip on over the hand or worn with hinge and clasps that open to accommodate the wrist. They are often statement pieces because they can be customized with designs if they are made thick enough. Wearing a thick bangle is as fashion forward as wearing stacks of thin bangles that complement each other.
  • Cuffs are like bangles because of their firm nature. Cuffs are C-shaped bracelets that are usually open-ended but sometimes can be closed with a hinge and clasp, like bangles. They can fit the arm and the wrist. They can be decorated with gems and are sometimes made of metal such as stainless steel. Rope-designed cuffs are also available nowadays in sterling silver and Premium Austrian Crystals.

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