Top Fashion Jewelry for the Holidays

The winter season calls for white fashion jewelry to complement glistening snow and ice. Sterling silver are good fashion jewelry choices but there’s a wider range of options fashion jewelry lovers can choose from. In a nutshell, what’s in during winter in the world of fashion jewelry are bold asymmetrical designs featuring a lot of textures. Nature-inspired fashion jewelry are also top picks during winter. While red and green are the official colors of the Yuletide cheer, you’ll soon see a whole bunch of other fashion jewelry styles you can wear to spread the holiday joy.

  • Chunky pieces are in. Layered necklaces will make every woman stand out in a crowd. Multi-layered synthetic pearls not only bring out the sophisticated woman in you, but it also brings you to the front when it comes to trendy fashion jewelry pieces.
  • Short-stranded necklaces will match turtleneck tops that are usually worn during the holidays. Choose from initial-styled pendants or zodiac-inspired pendants that will bring out your personality.
  • Beaded bracelets are still in, especially those made of wood or gemstones. Sapphire cubic zirconia bracelets can be worn all year round but they are perfect accessories to your ensemble during the holidays too. Anything embellished with beads, metals, and other colourful gemstones are must-buys during this season.

  • Go for chandelier earrings this season. They may be worn the whole year as trends in earrings aren’t as fickle as necklaces or cocktail rings. However, sporting a pair of multicolour Premium Austrian crystal chandelier earrings will guarantee you a place at the top when it comes to fashion jewelry trends.

Fashion jewelry often coincides with the season and because they are inexpensive, fashion jewelry trends come and go. Women can buy pairs for this season and still won’t hesitate more on the next. The most important thing is to mix and match. Don’t throw out fabulous fashion jewelry just because they’re not in now. Fashion recycles. A fashion faux pas today can be a hit tomorrow. Store your fashion jewelry. It won’t be long before the perfect occasion calls for it again.

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