Austrian crystal / brooch / canary cubic zirconia / emerald / garnet / holiday fashion jewelry / peridot / ruby / sterling silver

Holiday Inspired Fashion Jewelry

The holidays are just around the corner in two weeks, so what are you waiting for? Get in the holiday spirit with beautiful holiday inspired fashion jewelry. From stunning garnets and rubies to gorgeous emeralds and peridots, our palette of wonderful holiday colors sparkles in our fashion jewelry. If you want something different, our great holiday fashion jewelry brooches are a sure hit to add extra holiday magic.

There’s no better color that represents holiday joy and warmth like red, so show your sprit this season with this stunning 8 carat sterling silver garnet cubic zirconia ring. This fashion jewelry ring has a stunning 8 carat CZ stone finished with a high-polished sterling silver band. Or, reach for the brightest star with this dazzling ruby cubic zirconia star shape ring, adorned with a stunning star shape ruby cubic zirconia stone joined with a stunning textured rhodium plated band.

For green holiday fashion jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful rosette emerald cubic zirconia cocktail ring, centered with a stunning emerald cubic zirconia stone and surrounded with clear stones. For a lighter green, this dazzling oval peridot cubic zirconia sterling silver ring will satisfy your holiday fashion jewelry cravings. This alluring ring is adorned with a stunning round peridot cubic zirconia stone in the center with rows of embellished clear cubic zirconia stones.

For an extra magical touch to your outfit this holdiay season, our fashionable and chic brooches are a must have. Light up holiday parties with clear crystallized Swarovski elements in this gorgeous Austrian Crystal fashion jewelry brooch, intricately designed with a gorgeous white metal that is finished off with a striking gold plating. Go ahead and be the center of the attention this holiday season!

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