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Top Bracelet Styles for Fashion Jewelry Lovers

Bracelets are the perfect adornment for one’s wrist. Designed for men and women, bracelets are fashion jewelry worn around the wrists, ankles, and even the arms. They could be made from a whole lot of different materials – gold, white gold, leather, gemstones, and even metal. Here are the most popular styles of bracelets for … Continue reading

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Cocktail Rings: A Fashion Jewelry Lover’s Ultimate Accessory

ES1086 Jewelry – Black Genuine Nature Stone Butterfly Ring Animal-inspired cocktail rings are the latest trend in cocktail ring fashion jewelry. These are widely available pieces in different designs such as butterflies, eagles, and snakes. This butterfly-shaped cocktail ring is embellished with a black genuine nature stone that sits perfectly atop a rhodium plated band. … Continue reading