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Go Green with Fashion Jewelry

Show your love and support for fashion jewelry and the environment with our beautiful Peridot and Emerald fashion jewelry. For all the light green lovers, Peridot is the green gemstone for you. Peridot gemstones have a rich history and a timeless popularity. It dates back to the period of ancient Greece and Egypt where the ancient Romans noticed that the light green color changes to a more vivid shade of green through a lamplight. With its beautiful light green contrast, Peridot is the perfect complement to a fresh and light wardrobe. The dark green Emerald gemstone is a gemstone that has been prized ever since ancient times. Traditionally, it is worn by people to help in healing and boost love and contentment. 
Peridot gemstones
This stunning Peridot cubic zirconia cocktail ring is the one made for you. This stunning Peridot fashion jewelry is adorned with clear cubic zirconia stones either sides of a gorgeous rectangular shaped Peridot stone. Perfect for any partying occasion! Next, show some Peridot love with this stunning heart-shaped Peridot cubic zirconia pendant. This necklace is precision cut in a beautiful heart shape with a rhodium plated chain. This necklace reminds me of Titanic’s blue heart of the ocean necklace.
Emerald gemstones

Calling all Emerald lovers! If you can use some gorgeous earrings then this stunning 4-carat sterling silver Emerald cubic zirconia earring has your name written all over it! These Emerald earrings are beautifully cut in a pear shape and embellished with clear cubic zirconia stones all around. For a charming and classy argyle patterned ring, pick this gorgeous Emerald premium Austrian crystal ring. It is made with a beautiful Emerald argyle cut pattern and clear cubic zirconia stones criss-crossed to perfection.

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