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Fashion Jewelry Blow-out 50% off Sale for Cyber Monday!

Welcome back everyone from a long and exciting Thanksgiving holiday break! I hope everyone was stuffed with great food and was surrounded by awesome family and friends. If you had to wake up early on Black Friday and stand in line for hours upon hours just to buy you or your loved ones gifts, then … Continue reading

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Initial Pendants Fashion Jewelry

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re still looking for the perfect personalized fashion jewelry gift for your loved ones, look no further because we got it! We’re talking about our beautiful initial pendants made with premium Austrian crystals and cubic zirconia. Because of its wonderful personal touch, initial pendants are fashion … Continue reading

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Go Green with Fashion Jewelry

Show your love and support for fashion jewelry and the environment with our beautiful Peridot and Emerald fashion jewelry. For all the light green lovers, Peridot is the green gemstone for you. Peridot gemstones have a rich history and a timeless popularity. It dates back to the period of ancient Greece and Egypt where the … Continue reading

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Young Women Can Wear Pearl Fashion Jewelry, Too

Pearl jewelry has been adorning the necks and wrists of women for centuries, and it has been imprinted in the minds of many that pearls are for older women. Pearl fashion jewelry can be as hip and modern as anything inside the trendiest fashion boutique. As with anything in fashion, it is not what you … Continue reading

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Top Fashion Jewelry Mistakes to Avoid

The most stunning fashion jewelry pieces can instantly bring a dull ensemble to life. However, fashion jewelry need proper consideration because the wrong pieces can instantly put you in the fashion hall of shame. Below are some fashion jewelry mistakes to avoid for you to continuously look like a fabulous. 1. Fashion Jewelry Overload. This … Continue reading

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Lovely Fashion Jewelry Holiday Gifts for Every Budget

It’s that special time of the year again when we start shopping for the holiday gift-giving! And there is no truer saying than “great things come in small packages”—an adage that reflects what we’re all about. Not only can great things come in small packages, but here at Eternal Sparkles we stand by our reputation … Continue reading

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Fashion Jewelry Spotlight: November’s Birthstone Citrine

 For all the lovely ladies that were born in the month of November, the birthstone for this month is beautiful Citrine. This birthstone is a form of the quartz gemstone and it has a beautiful color spectrum ranging from canary, yellow, yellow-brown to reddish-brown, dark orange-brown and orange. One of the great things about Citrine … Continue reading

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Think Pink Fashion Jewelry

  Without a doubt, the color Pink is undoubtedly a defining color when it comes to the world of fashion jewelry. Pink, in its entire palette of different shades, is the color that exemplifies femininity, beauty and delicacy. With our wide collection of glamorous pink gemstones and cubic zirconia fashion jewelry, we are sure that … Continue reading