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Fashion Jewelry: Chandelier Earrings, Classic Hoop Earrings and Pearl Earrings

Chandelier earrings continue to be beautiful additions to outfits, formal and informal alike. So, don’t dismiss them this fall because bold and dangly chandelier earrings are trending fashion jewelry items. This piece is playful with its colors and the butterflies that adorn it. The 5 carat CZ stones will generate attention, no matter what angle … Continue reading


Sparkle and Shine with Sterling Silver and Gold Tone Bracelets

There’s a new trend among star studded female celebrities at glamorous award shows! We see them wearing a wide variety of sterling silver or gold tone bracelets. While almost everything a celebrity wears looks elegant and beautiful, what isn’t beautiful are the prices they pay for fashion jewelry. Needless to say, most working women don’t … Continue reading


Shopping for Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry, or sometimes called costume jewelry, are made from affordable materials such as bronze, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, synthetic stones, beads, and plastics. They are flashy and sometimes used as stage jewelry. Hence the name “costume jewelry.” Fashion jewelry sports the latest trends in jewelry. That is why fashion jewelry are produced from less expensive materials … Continue reading